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Stop the Arizona birth control Bill

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[Some one actually created a bill about this? Forget about sexism for a second... In a world with teenage pregnancies and overpopulation, hunger, famine, high unemployment, and bone crushing poverty? Are they frigging insane? If I lived in Arizona, I'd do a lot more than sign a petition. I'd find a way to boot that man out of office. Maybe tar and feather him and ride him out on a rail, like they did back in Mark Twain's day.

I am beginning to worry about the West, whatever happened to that libertarian spirit you were so found of? No government involvement. My ass. What are you guys smoking out there in Arizona? I'm also wondering about other sections of my country. This is what happens when people aren't educated. Maybe we should make every man who runs for legislative office take an intelligence test first?]

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Arizona Sentate, Arizona State Legislature, Debbie Lesko.

Stop the Arizona birth control Bill

If this bill passes the senate then women of Arizona would be forced to provide documentation that birth control is for medical purposes only. The "company" would not be required to cover birth control if it was for prevention of conception. Additionally this bill would give companies the right to fire women if they discovered that she was using a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy


Cluegirl note: Please don't roll your eyes and click past because you're tired of this nonsense. We're all tired of this nonsense. We're exhausted with the Tiny White Men That Other White Men Seem To Insist Need To Live In Our Ladyparts, and we're tired of being treated like cattle and chattel just because we're capable of conceiving life, but WE CANNOT IGNORE SHIT LIKE THIS! We must speak up, in our thousands, and we must speak up EVERY DAMN TIME! We must roar and shake the bars because every time even one of these appalling little incremental atrocities passes without uproar, then the Tiny White Men use it as a platform from which to to launch another, only slightly more atrocious attack.

Don't get tired, get mad. Talk about it. Yell about it. SCREAM about it. Deny nay-sayers sex over it. Do. Not. Be. Worn. Down. Because once the chains go on, it takes a lot of blood to get them off again.

This signal needs to be louder than all the 'stop internet limitations' signals. This Conservative Agenda includes the enslavement of better than half the human race. It really, really is more important.

Act like it.

Common Sense Disclaimer: If you are not me, then these opinions, relative to the experience of being me, are not yours. Also, if your gender makes it impossible for you to become pregnant and carry a foetus inside your body without resorting to science and surgery, then you must expect that your opinions on a woman's right to choose when and whether to reproduce will NEVER carry as much weight with me as an actual breeder's opinions. For you, it's abstract. For us, it's real. Ergo, I expect any debate on this subject to be handled with maturity, courtesy, and restraint. No poo throwing, no tubthumping, no trolling, and no shaming. I will ban commenters who are deliberately provocative, rude, and cruel over this. Don't be douches.

You have been warned.

1. Leave a comment to this post, specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

From ladyoneill

My Letter was R.

Warning potential spoilers for Firefly, Dexter, Harry Potter, and Once Upon a Time.

River Tam: Strong, quirky, funny, and oh yes, she can kill you with her brain. River is one of my all time female characters. She interesting and well developed.

Ron Weasley: Ron Weasley, what can I say about Ron? How about how he's always accidentally awesome. My friends and I used to believe that Ron would accidentally kill Voldemort by causing him to slip on a banana peel. But in all seriousness Ron is an awesome friend, boyfriend, and endlessly funny.

Rufus Turner: Black jew!! Rufus is just all around a cool guy and a character I was hoping would become a bigger part of the show... thanks a lot Supernatural.

Rudy Cooper (aka Brian Moser): Okay, I'm cheating here, but Brian Moser goes by the alias Rudy Cooper in the most of the first season of Dexter. Dexter's serial killer brother was everything I wanted. I love fucked up families they are the best!

Regina Mills (aka The Evil Queen): Regina or the Evil Queen is a evil, horrible, and manipulative person, however, Regina is still a sympathetic and interesting character. Her actions are definitely evil but her character is so well developed that despite how terrible she is you still find yourself caring and worrying about her as much as you want her evil plans to fail.

Party On Garth...

Okay, this episode was amusing, but... the half ass mention of Castiel at the beginning was lame. It was nice to finally have an episode with some plot, but if Bobby needs to be exorcised I will just die!

Also random asian person = shinto priest... ah westerners talking about eastern religions... yep.

I Just Don't Get It

I don't understand slave!fics. I mean I guess I get it, on a kinky level, I really understand, but if you wants some BDSM in your fic why not just write a kinky fic like that? Why create this whole dystopian society where people own slaves? I LOVE dystopias so reading slave!fics seemed to be a good idea, but I since usually the slave/master characters are characters we like and want to see together I feel like most of these fics end up falling short. Not really dealing with the issue in favor of kinky sex between characters. I don't know, I always start reading one with high hopes and then stop half way through.


Let's Catch Up!

This last episode of SPN was super sad. *sigh* I'm really worried about the future of my show. 

Well, at the very least there are other shows to make me happy. I'm still keeping up with Once Upon A Time (best show on television right now, let me tell you), and I want to catch up with American Horror Story though I have my problems with that show.

Recently, I finished all of the 9th Dr. Who and seasons 1 and 2 of the 10th and can I just say, Captain. Jack. Harkness. I still haven't watched Torchwood though. So tell me Who fans, I heard that if I finish the third season of 10 that then I'll be spoiled for Torchwood, but I was also told not to watch Torchwood until after I finish up with the 10th Doctor. What should I do?

I also finished the first season of Downton Abbey, which was awesome!

I'm also planning on starting Sherlock soon. I have never wanted to watch a show so much just for the fandom. I desperately want to write some Superwholock fic.

Things with the blog are also going well. So of my writers ran into some controversy but I think the handled it pretty well. There are some recent articles you lot may be interested in. 

My dear friends otakuwench and sarah_2401 recently did a review of the Hunger Games movie. I recently did a post on the gender and sexuality of the angels in Supernatural, which you can find here. I also talked about Death recently on Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus and of course Death from Supernatural featured along with Death from Good Omens and The Sandman comics. And soon I'll be posting about the apocalypse in pop culture. Of course there are a ton other awesome things on the my blog to that everyone should check out. Trust me.

God, Supernatural I trusted you! I really really did and then you went and just just... *runs off and cries*

I just want Cas to be okay. I really don't care about anything else. Frankly, there hasn't been enough plot this season for to care about anything else. *cries*

Okay, yep, me again.

Yeah, I'm back... again. I do this so often apologizing doesn't even make sense anymore.

Hey Friends! New Posts!

Lots of new and awesome posts are over at Lady Geek Girl and Friends right now!!

-There is a Top 20 Couples List (10 Canon Couples/ 10 Fanon Couples).
- A All the Single... Folks: Anime Top 10! For those not involved during Valentines Day. 
- A brand new Web Crush Wednesdays!

And we now have 51 official followers!!!!!! I'm very excited about this!!!

So go check it all out.... I promise to post something more substantial later. 


I'm Suppose to be Working on Fic!

But I haven't posted here for awhile and I am suppose to post everyday... bad... me.

Some of my goals have gone well and others not so much, but I think I am doing okay. So hooray getting life on track, steadily anyway.

The blog is doing really super well, but I ask that those of you who have been viewing Lady Geek Girl and Friends to please continue to do so. We have some good stuff planned that's coming up. I recently wrote a post called Oh, My Pop-Culture Jesus! I'll be doing them every Sunday talking about different religious things (not just Christian) on the blog. So yeah, think Supernatural, Good Omens, Dogma, Saiyuki, Superman, etc. All will be talked about so you guys should keep checking it out every Sunday. Oh, and this may seem like begging but can those you have haven't maybe subscribe to us? I'm only two people away from having 50 followers and I would really like to hit that goal. Sweet! Thank you!


Just Once...

Just once, I would like a scifi/fantasy/horror show to portray conception, pregnancy, birth, and child care in a way that isn't OMG SO EVIL!!!!! ... okay so there are some shows that don't do this, but really this trope comes up so often that every time I see it I want to bash my head into the wall. It's not okay. It makes natural things seem creepy and scary, and it never helps the status of women.

My thoughts on the Mystical Pregnancy Trope:

Read more...Collapse )

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