Castiel - SPN

Teen Wolf

Okay LJ friends, it seems that everyone is watching Teen wolf so I want to know, why should I watch Teen Wolf?

And please give me a reason other than hot boys. Vampire Diaries didn't survive with just that reason after all. God, that show is just so bad.
2014!Cas - Sex, drugs, and Armageddon

Rewatching SPN "Heaven and Hell" Episode

Sometimes I think the angels like Dean because Dean gives them a little taste of sin, and the demons like Sam because he gives them a little taste of virtue.

But then I remember things are never so simple in SPN... and that in general all things Supernatural seem to hit on Dean.

He's like the Xander of the SPN world, except with less bug people.
Superman/Batman - OOOPS!

Jensen Ackles is Batman

I am convinced that were the writers of Smallville actually allowed to use the Batman character that Jensen Ackles would have played young Bruce Wayne instead of the made up character Jason Teague.

This would have been awesome because Jensen would have been an awesome young Bruce Wayne, but it would probably mean the character would have stayed with the show all the way to season 10, which means Jensen wouldn't have been able to play Dean Winchester. And I can't imagine anyone else playing Dean.

Though a very large part of me longs to go to an alternate universe were Jensen is playing young Bruce Wayne.
Pissed Off - Dr. Horrible

Doesn't anybody care about Adam!?

They haven't even thought about Adam this season. At least in season 6 he got a mention... though they immediately forgot about Adam after Sam got his soul back. I mean really! Poor unloved Adam has been trapped in freaking hell for what two years now--three? I hope Michael is nice enough to not torture him and protect him from his crazy brother. Poor Adam never asked for any of this. Seriously, someone save Adam. Otherwise, I foresee him coming back as a bad gut cause I'd be pissed if my brother left me down in hell to rot. 
Writing Charlie - SPN

Finals, Dr. Who, and Supernatural

So I have been working on finals all this week. Yesterday I finished my first final (Yatta)!

So anyway, while I write out my finals I watch Supernatural for several reasons. One, because I have watched Supernatural (especially the fourth and fifth seasons) so many times that it is effective background noise. I can't work when it's totally quiet. Libraries are useless to me. Two, because Supernatural helps me focus on theology. When I watch shows I tend to analyze and obsess over them. It's the main reason I started my blog, because I needed to get all those thoughts out of my head. But Supernatural (especially seasons four and five) are chock full of morality, religion, and all that fun stuff. So it keeps me focused.

... except sometimes it doesn't. I can't focus on work during the last couple episodes of season five--they are way too emotional. And OMG season six! There is so much wrong with season six that I didn't realize before. Like, why can't the angels or demons tell that Sam has no soul, but EVERY freaking monster can! That doesn't make sense! Angels and demons are in the souls business! They should be able to tell! And--and what happens to Bobby John!? The little baby shifter from episode 2, because in episode 10 Crowley tells the Alpha shifter he has all the babies and is going to kill them!! Then at the end of the episode Cas kills all the monsters in the building! Did Cas kill the babies! Just because they are monster babies doesn't mean they should be killed! Like Dean said, they are still just babies! Especially, since I spent a whole episode cooing over one! And Cas totally can't kill babies... I can't even think about that... Oh God.

Okay, that was too many exclamation points in one paragraph, but I was really distraught.

Also, I love Meg. I do. I'm sorry. I know she's evil and all, but she is bad ass and one of the few surviving women on Supernatural so props for that.

In other news, I finished the 10th Doctor! And OMG Doctor-Donna! All of the tears! Very very sad but amazing episodes. I'm starting to think Dr. Who is objectively perfect. I really like the Master. I think he is an interesting character. The Ood are sweet. Rose, Martha, Donna, Mickey, JACK! I love them all.

Planning epic crossover fic at some point. The Winchesters must meet the Doctor.

Buffy - Fan Girl Moment

I Want to Go to There

Okay, this would only aid my procrastinating (which is bad), but I'm in desperate need of some Charlie (Felicia Day) from SPN fic.

Usually after the new episode people write all kinds of fic for the latest episode but so far nada. But I need it! Especially, possibly, maybe, some femslash.

Hooray for first lesbian character on the show! Huzzah!

So if you find a fic, are writing a fic, or want to write a fic for me *bats eyelashes at* about Charlie then post a link here and I will love you forever! Promise! Please...